Page Title:  Biography of Melinda Marlowe
Melinda Marlowe, close up

For Melinda, art is as natural as breathing . . . and just as vital to her life.

From early childhood to the present, her God-given, instinctive desire to create has expressed itself in a richly-textured, multi-dimensional pattern.

A look inside any year of her life finds Melinda engaged in artistic endeavors such as painting, woodworking, clothes designing, stained glass, landscaping, sculpting . . . to name a few. When she was eight she designed and produced a complete line of doll's clothing, from underwear to outerwear, hats and boots. At age eleven her pastel rendering of 33 horses in full run won a blue ribbon in a local art competition. And throughout junior high, high school and college she tirelessly created an impressive array of decorations, scenery, signage and props for every prom, play, pep rally and special event that came along.

As an adult, her art continued to evolve as her expertise broadened to include a variety of mediums, canvases and subjects. A teacher for over 30 years, Melinda's art became a vehicle for another passion: her students. Melinda Marlowe painting in her stuidoFrom compelling classroom design to innovative, customized and dynamic interdisciplinary teaching units, "Ms. Marlowe's classroom" provided an enriched learning environment . . . a safe place, filled with life and light and color--where her students were stimulated to learn, challenged to grow, and inspired to live better lives.

Now pursuing her art as a full time vocation, Melinda gives clients that same level of passion and dedication, integrating their project goals with her personal vision of excellence for each commissioned work. To every work she undertakes, Melinda brings not just a single-faceted area of expertise, but a depth of experience from a rich, multi-dimensional perspective . . . in short, to each, she joyfully brings a lifetime.

The scope of Melinda's current work continues to be broad ranging, including but not limited to hand painted panoramic murals and signature wildlife art, wooden pallet art, personal fine art, commercial signage, themed seasonal decorations and hand crafted kaleidoscopes. Whatever her mind envisions, her heart and hands create, capturing the essence of her subjects with clarity and insight that is matched only by her artistry.