Melinda Marlowe Gallery Page



Click to Enter the Assembly Hall 1500 sqft Mural Gallery

Assembly Hall 1500 sqft Mural



Click to Enter the Gymnasium Mascot Mural Gallery

Gymnasium Mascot Mural 60'x15'



Click to Enter the Entryway 360 degree Gallery\

Entryway 360°, 700 sqft Mural


Click to go to Buffalo Mural Gallery

Buffalo 500 sqft Mural (in panels)

Click to Enter the Nooks and Crannies Gallery

Murals: Nooks, Crannies,

and Camouflage



Click to enter the Scouting Woodbadge Animals Gallery

Scouting Wood Badge Animals




Click to Enter the Animals on Wooden Pallets Gallery

Animal Paintings on Wooden Pallets



ETBU Tigers

ETBU Tigers 420sqft Mural

St. James Hotel

Hotel Courtyard 444 sqft Mural

(in Progress)



CEMS Hallway

Elementary Middle School

660 sqft Mural



Click to enter the Other Custom Artwork Gallery

Other Custom Artwork


Click to Enter the Custom Kaleidoscopes Gallery

Custom Kaleidoscope

Click to Enter the Commercial Signage Gallery

Commercial Signage


Click to enter the Holiday Art Gallery

Holiday Art



Click to enter the Community and Festivals Gallery

Community and Festivals



Transoms at the Express St. James Hotel